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Brick Heaven on Earth


Story, Video and Photos by Vanessa Quintanilla

It was a busy weekend in Pasadena. Along with many celebrations for Year of the Rooster, the Pasadena Convention Center hosted a number of different events. One in particular was Bricks LA. Vendors from many states attended this three-day event. Beginning on Friday, brick builders arrived to set themselves up throughout the lower level of the convention center.

Opened on Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. the public would be allowed inside to see everything ready for presentation. When I arrived, rows of tables were lined up with all kinds of displays. Vendors were lined up ready to show off their creations and add to collectors’ compendiums. LEGO sets, parts and accessories can be bought directly from the vendors in attendance. Anyone obsessed with LEGO would think this was heaven!

Although an adult convention, Bricks LA is an all-age event held annually for LEGO lovers. There, designers and collectors can come together in a safe environment and marvel over some pretty cool constructions. Don’t be hesitant to bring kids. A kid zone has been set up with a life size cardboard Batman and an inflatable kiddy pool filled with endless LEGO pieces.

A kiddy pool filled with endless LEGO parts for young visitors.
-Courtesy photo by Vanessa Quintanilla


When “The Lego Movie” came out almost three years ago, I remember singing the soundtrack over and over. And being so undeniably amazed by some of the inventions on Saturday, “Everything is Awesome” snuck out of my mouth.

One of the unique LEGO inventions I came across were the ones build on hats … yes, hats! @clobrick of BrickBrickGear (who can be found on Instagram and Facebook) has been designing and selling custom hats for some time now. If you want to take your headwear to a whole new level, @clockbrick offers interchangeable brim plates that can fit designs, names and character figures to the top of your hat. Want to turn some heads? @clockbrick suggested adding figures to the bottom to make LEGO action figures look like they’re hanging upside-down.

At Bricks LA, I also met 16-year-old Jake Hansen. His parents accompanied him to the event since he was traveling from Denver, Colorado. Founder and designer of Bricktree Customs, Jason has been designing and building his own models since he was 14. “I get my ideas from real life. When I go to an amusement park or a carnival, I immediately get inspired,” said Jason. I was impressed by his mini carnival games. They were so intricate, and distinct from the Star Wars, Disney and sci-fi themed builds!

Visit for ticket information, list of vendors and event dates.

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