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Beacon Media’s Graphic Artist Tony Virrueta Selected Employee of the Year 2018

CEO Jesse Dillon, left, presents Tony Virrueta with the highly sought-after Employee of the Year on Thursday. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

Creative, kind and considerate are a few of Virrueta’s traits

By Terry Miller

During last week’s annual holiday party for employees and contributors, Beacon Media CEO Jesse Dillon surprised Tony Virrueta by announcing the results of the annual employee nominations for the coveted EOY – Employee of the Year – award.

Dillon said that this year’s votes were overwhelmingly stacked in favor of the popular graphic artist who has been with the company a relatively short period of time (just over a year) and has quickly become part of the extended Beacon family.

“I was genuinely shocked and I must say, a bit shy about receiving the award,” Virrueta said.

Long-time accountant/bookkeeper Vera Shamon said she was so happy Tony Virrueta won the award. “We all love Tony sooooo much, he’s a special kind of guy,” Shamon said.

Ever humble and thankful, the following day Virrueta brought in delicious pasties with a note thanking those who voted for him – we all did – and claiming that his award belongs to everyone in the office.

Known for his talent at creating stunning print and digital advertising, Virrueta is also an avid soccer fan and even referees for United States Soccer Foundation [USSF].

Virrueta (aka Jose) is the second recipient of the award that recognizes an outstanding individual who goes above and beyond the call of duty and exemplifies the meaning of teamwork.

In addition to Virrueta’s talent for finding just the right font for a particular client’s ad, he manages to seamlessly put together several newspapers twice weekly and make a rather complicated process of placing and arranging design elements look easy.

In another life, Virrueta’s deep resounding voice could be heard on a local radio station where he combined his sense of humor and love of music as a producer for three years at Super Estrella in Los Angeles.

His wife of five years, Genoveva Rocha, works as deputy city clerk for the city Pomona.

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