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Temple City Education Center students reflect on the season and gift giving

Young 4th through 7th grade students write compassionate, compelling letters

America’s Present from Me
Tree – ornaments – stockings, all decorations for the holiday, Christmas. Since children in America get so many gifts, I decided to get a gift for America. I know that the U.S. has many problems so I want to try to help out. Higher employment rates would be my present for America.Unemployment is becoming an increasing problem across the country. It can cause people to lose their homes and everything they have. If people lose their jobs, businesses will close down because of few workers. People will be unable to get food or shelter if they lose their jobs. Housewives are people who don’t work for a paycheck in order to take care of their homes and children, but that isn’t unemployment because those mothers choose to be housewives. Higher employment rates would help people’s lives as well as the businesses they work for.
Even though I really can’t give this gift to America, there are ways my family can help with unemployment rates even if we only help a few people. We can tell family or friends with no jobs where they can get a job at a business. That could help some people with their lives. My gift to America, which is lower unemployment rates, can help our country get better.
Kelly Tsai

Peace in America
The holidays are coming, and I want to give a present to America. Peace is important to America because if we didn’t have peace we would be slaves right now. Peace is where we enjoy and have freedom do anything we want to do, but not against the law.
If we had war and the other side won, we would be slaves right now. Peace and freedom are what
I want for 100 years. I want to have a good life and not spend my whole life in prison. That’s why we need peace in our country.
If we don’t have peace in the world, all the families and friends cannot survive. We can give friendship in this country, just like we live with our families. We have peace for a reason – because we won the war. We live our lives to save our country. Why do I want peace for America? It gives us the opportunity to be free.
Megan Gong

America’s Gift
America is our home, and we depend on its sanctuary. The thing is though, every year nobody gets
America a gift. I wish I could get her a gift. A permanent government plan would be the best holiday present for America.
America deserves a new government plan for many different reasons. First up, the holidays are coming, and many people are going to the national monuments. If they close down the monuments, many people’s money will be wasted. Our government really needs to keep things going. This is only one reason the people deserve a new government plan.
America is a great country, and she deserves many presents. I can’t give her much, but if I could I would give America a permanent working government plan. Even though I can’t really give her a present, I can hope the politicians will come up with a new plan. Happy Holidays, America
Alice Zhang

A Gift to America
My gift to America is unlimited resources. Unlimited resources can help our country by giving us more
wood, electricity (from solar or wind), and water. Then we can have enough energy to prevent power losses. We will have resources to sell and get money. Then people will have more jobs. Right now problems are going on like gasoline fuel prices are rising higher and higher. If we have unlimited resources, the economy will improve. Wood products, purified water, and electricity bills will be less expensive. And people will be wealthier. Needy people will have better lives and we would be a happy country. Lastly, I would give America unlimited resources because it would help our country. I hope this gift will help us, even though this is just wishful writing. That’s why I chose unlimited resources as a gift.
Samuel Liu

The Present for America
Have you ever wondered what our beautiful country America needs? You may think America is a perfect country, but it isn’t. Our country needs many things. I will be sending a present to America. No pollution is my everlasting present to my loving country, America, Pollution is a horrible thing. It hurts Mother Earth as well as her environment. It is killing and bringing down a huge population of animals. In addition, I also think it is bad for the environment because it makes it dirty and very unhealthy. I hope my gift will help our country.
America is not perfect. We must act now and stop pollution immediately. This is for all of us. We must do this for Mother Earth. God Bless America!
Ethan Mo

America is a great country. It has problems though. One of those is war. Peace is what we need. That’s why my gift to America would be peace. Peace is what America needs.
Peace is what we need. If we have peace, that means no more war. War causes bad things. People could die, and it could cause bad relationships. Peace is the solution to those problems. Peace is hard to get, but I’ll do my part to help make it happen. That’s why peace is my present.
Peace is the best present that I could give because there is war right now. There is also crime. Crime is killing people. It is a kind of war. Peace is my present to America.
Lucas Ye

The Gift of Giving
There are cars running in America. America has lost some of it fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are very important to America. What I would give America this year would be gasoline. Gasoline would be a great gift for America because we are losing our natural resources. Since the prices of gasoline are becoming higher, gasoline would be a great gift. Therefore gasoline would be the gift I give to America. In addition, I would say that we could walk more often and not use our cars so much. We could also try to find more sources for gasoline. This is the present I would give America.
Kelly Trinh

The Perfect Gift
On stormy nights, while most creatures are sleeping only one thing stirs, and that creature is over three million sqaure miles in size; it is America. America never stops moving. Over 300,000,000 people live here. Socks, diapers, swords, guns, toys, and clothes won’t do for a gift. I think the perfect gift would be less blood tainting her land. Less blood tainting America’s land is the perfect gift because bloodshed destroys America’s beauty. America can’t clean it herself, so she needs help. The face of America’s beauty will forever be destroyed if more blood taints it. Blood will not be good for the ground of the Land of the Free. Fighting is not a good reason to let blood taint our land.
America is the land for many. If we harm it, many of us will be affected too. Anything that harms America, harms us. Less blood tainting us is the best gift.
Jiemi Xie
The Gift to the Country
America is a great country, but there are a lot of people getting sick each day and dying. So, I wish I could give America more healthcare to help the sick. If I gave more healthcare, people would stop dying.
People would live longer. People all over the world wouldn’t die. Health care would protect lives. Then people wouldn’t lose loved ones quickly. America is great, but it can be greater. I wish I could give America many things. I wish for many things, but I especially wish for better healthcare for America.
Gahei Chan

Gift for America
My gift for America is friendship and fairness. Friendship means to be a friend and to be fair to the world. Everyone has to be fair to his or her friends and to the world. The world will be happy for it. When the Earth is sad, let’s try to make the Earth happier. Happiness means friendship and fairness. I want the good Earth to be happy, to live in space, and to be alive. I hope the friendship will make kids happy because kids want a lot of friends, fairness, and to share their snacks or food. Happiness is for a lifetime.Now, this country will be safe and have a happy time together. This is my gift for America so the country will be fun and happy. If the kids are not fair, try something new like making friendships, sharing, and playing with them. The day will come when we have an amazing world because of friendship.
Cindy Hsu

A Present for America
If I get to give America something, I will give peace. Can you believe it? It is almost Christmas! I am thinking of giving America a gift. If I were only God, I would love to give peace. But the bad news is that I am not God. (But I wish I were.)
If America got peace, there would be no murder, hitting, mean words, bullying, sad people, or people injured. The earth would be peaceful. Peace is awesome! If we have peace, our families will be peaceful. We won’t have to pay so many taxes. We won’t need to waste money. I hope we can rebuild our country. I hope soldiers return home and have peace. If we work together we can rebuild our peace. I hope America likes her present.
Elaine He

Editor’s Note:
This is just a handful of the letters we received. We will publish more next week.

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