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Crime trends in San Gabriel Valley

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Temple Station is the provider of premier law enforcement services to the following cities and communities: Bradbury, Duarte, Rosemead, South El Monte and Temple City; and the unincorporated areas of South San Gabriel, El Monte, Monrovia, Arcadia, Duarte, East Pasadena, and North San Gabriel. The statistics represented have been tabulated to provide you with an overview of reported crimes for November 2013.
With Christmas and other time honored holidays and beliefs behind us, let us make the New Year a better and safer time for our families and communities. Make the security of both yourself and your property a priority during this New Year. Fences, locks and cameras are great tools to keep people honest, but criminals are cunning. Please make sure you reassess your security needs and capabilities for your home and business. Good security should not be considered an inconvenience.
While car theft, residential and commercial burglary seem to always top our list of statistical data, do not forget to protect your identity and banking assets. A large retailer’s secure banking and credit portal was recently compromised and it is considered by experts to be one of the largest breeches of security in U.S. history. There are several companies who offer subscribed protection against credit and identity fraud, but you can take measures to protect yourself without cost. Never divulge personal information over the telephone unless you initiated the call. Beware of internet links with legitimate looking logos and verbiage. Invest in a paper shredder or document shredding service to help keep your information out of the hands of thieves. Make changes to passwords and pin numbers, which will make it harder for criminals to guess or decipher your passwords and pin codes. Beware of sweepstakes and other fortune scams. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
The best practice is to always lock all of your doors and windows. Keep your homes and businesses well lit at night and report suspicious activity. We will be glad to respond and make a determination. We need your eyes and ears out there to help us detect and prevent crime. Your information will remain confidential if so requested. As always, the men and women of Temple Station are here for you anytime, day or night. We hope you will partner with us in the fight against crime. Please have a safe and Happy New Year. Do not drink and drive. If you observe a suspected drunk or impaired driver, please report it immediately.
If you need to report an incident or would like some additional information concerning crime prevention or neighborhood/business watch programs, please call Temple Station at (626) 285-7171 or dial 9-1-1 for an emergency.

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