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Millennial-Only Cruises to Set Sail in 2018

Cruises restricted to Millennials will involve an array of Millennial-themed activities. – Courtesy photo


No cruise for you!” U by Uniworld restricts new cruise lines to Millennials only

By Sadie Gribbon

Every stereotype you have ever heard about millennials is now being brought to you: cruise-ship-style. U by Uniworld has released their millennial-only cruise lines to launch in 2018;  with craft coffee bars, yoga classes, unlimited wifi access and plenty of avocado toast to fit the bill.

The new cruise line age-restricts its passengers to 21 – 45-year-old travelers. While this pushes the millennial budget by ten years, it still gears all of the cruising amenities to the stereotypical millennial.

From the online brochure alone, a millennial can navigate their way into their perfect cruise by personality type. From “The Romantic” to “The Solo Flyer” to somewhere in between like “The Foodie” or “The NIght Owl” U by Uniworld’s new lines seem to have something for every type of millennial.

The ship has single rooms with discount rates for shared and they are just as small as any other cruise ship with a range of suites for an additional cost, but that isn’t nearly as important as the proposed experience outside of the room.

On board, Millennial heaven continues with silent disco parties where everyone wears headphones and dances to the same DJ set but can take them off to have a conversation, so hipster. On top of that, there are plenty of yoga studios and Paint and Wine classes, because what’s the point of painting if wine isn’t involved?

To conform to the sleep habits of an average Millennial, the daily excursions start later and the nightlife lasts longer. Coffee flows all day and rooftop party decks last all night. Off the boat, there’s cheese tasting, rock climbing, wine making and festivals – like… a lot of festivals.

These strictly Millennial cruise lines don’t come cheap, but that doesn’t really matter when we are already drowning in student loans right?  Cruise rates for excursions all over the globe begin at $1,699 and add up with each extra amenity.

The new cruise line has paved its own way, Millennial-style; by innovating a concept rather than creating a new one.  Instead of having a “Godmother” of the ship, ex-Victoria’s Secret Model/Angel Petra Nemcova was chosen to be the “Guardian Angel” of the new cruise ships.

“We’re making history with this concept, so rather than follow the traditional ‘Godmother’ path for each individual ship, we’re paving our own way forward,” Ellen Bettridge, President and CEO of the lines parent-company Uniworld Boutique River Collection, said in a statement.

This idea is hard to grapple with and may leave many Millennials torn. As a generation that prides themselves on being independent from any labels, some Millennials may find this entire cruise concept to seem like another reason for Baby Boomers and Gen Xer’s to make fun of them. On the other hand, the preconception of cruises being a retreat for older generations tends to be off-putting and this might just be the solution for Millennials. So which do we choose? Millennial cruises set sail in April 2018.

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