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17 Year Old Student’s Eagle Scout Project – Helping the Feral Cats Live a Better Life

Christian Zwicky, 17

Christian Zwicky, a senior at Arcadia High School, has taken it upon himself to spay/neuter 20 feral cats in the City of Arcadia for no charge as part of his Eagle Scout badge for Troop 125.
He and his mother, Dr. Barbarina Zwicky, have already adopted the two homeless Arcadia cats that Christian rescued, Prince and Vladimir.
Christian hopes to make a difference in the lives of feral cats in the community. He has already rescued five cats and had them spayed and neutered, two of which he kept and one of which he gave to his grandmother. The others were given to the Pasadena Humane Society, and are being placed up for adoption.
Dr. Valerie Tesauro of the TLC Pet Medical Center in South Pasadena, serves as an important key to this project.
In addition to being the family’s veterinarian, Dr. Tesauro has also agreed to neuter 10 male and spay 5 female felines who are currently living with Arcadia residents.
Christian would like to extend an open invitation to any Arcadia resident who would like to have his or her feline neutered or spayed at no cost, although donations to support his cause would be greatly appreciated. Any money exceeding the cost of the entire Eagle Scout project will be donated to the Pasadena Humane Society.
Arcadia MD, Bernardine Celoni said this of Christian’s work He has been so helpful and caring in helping me catch these innocent animals and have them taken care of in such a loving way. I hhave had the pleasure of watching him work tirelessly at this commitment.”

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