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City Manager’s Weekly Report For the Week Ending Noon on Thursday December 23, 2008

Charlie’s Bon Mot
Time may be a great healer,
but it’s a terrible beautician.


● New electric bike shop comes to 9664 Las Tunas Drive.
● Temple City rates well in the unemployment index.
● Concession Stand renovation at Live Oak Park on schedule.
● Many cities having financial problems, but not Temple City.
● Piazza Project now officially at Planning Commission.
● Recent court cases that could impact city operations.


1. Your staff at City Hall, Civic Center, and Live Oak Park wish the City Council, Commissioners, and the residents of Temple City a joyous holiday season and a very happy New Year.

Administration (CRM)

1. More and more cities are announcing pay cuts and cutbacks. Monrovia just announced a 2.5% cut in all general fund budgets. This is the penalty for not building reserves or rainy day funds. As of now, we see no need to cut salaries or positions in Temple City.

2. Enclosed are the latest unemployment statistics indicating that the unemployment level statewide and countywide is over 8% while Temple City is much lower.

All in all, it has been a good year for Temple City. We have accomplished a lot, our property values are holding firm, we have adequate reserves, and we are not operating at a deficit.

Community Redevelopment Agency (CRM)

1. The Piazza Development Project is going back to the Planning Commission for the an
OK on the changes proposed by Randy Wang together with an updated environmental report for a requisite CUP, and for the determination of the down-zoning of residential MUZ zoning.

The indicated writers have submitted the following items. All have been reviewed and approved (but may have been edited) by the City Manager.

MANAGEMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT (Assistant to the City Manager Gary Flod)

1. AT&T’s new U-Verse cable TV service is not quite operational in Temple City with just a few areas in town where the service is available.

Yet, AT&T is already announcing price increases ranging from about ten percent on the basic plans to around 40% on other services.

The good news is that Temple City will soon finally have a real cable TV competitor for Charter Communications, but the cost savings for subscribers in town due to competition may be elusive. The price hikes are probably due to the current economic conditions?

AT&T’s U-Verse customer service is an unknown quantity at this point. It is hoped that customer service will be an area for AT&T to distinguish itself.

Department of Parks & Recreation (Director, Cathy Burroughs)

1. The concession stand renovation project is moving along quickly. Most of the exterior work has been completed (just in time for the rainy season).

We are receiving a lot of questions as to whether the renovated building is two stories. It is not, but it does have a very high roof line (over 22 feet at the peak), for two reasons:

First, to increase circulation in the cooking area; and,
Second, to allow for the shade structure, which is actually a continuation of
the roofline.

We are still on schedule for completion in early March 2009.

Department of Community Development (Community Development Manager Joe Lambert)

1. I have sent a letter to the owner and applicant of the Piazza project. The letter states that the applicant must submit a new “Planning Application,” and apply for a Conditional Use Permit. This will make their revised submittal official, and will start the official processing of their revised plans.

The letter also states that the revised project will require a new Mitigated Negative Declaration. A new environmental factor that must now be considered by State law is “global climate” impact. This was not required back in 2005-2006, but will have to be included this time. Additionally, the traffic/parking study, and shade/shadow study will have to be redone – and an available “water guarantee” may be required.

2. We have recently issued a business license for a new retail store on Las Tunas
Drive – it is a bike store, and the address is 9664 Las Tunas Drive. This store will specialize in electric bicycles.

Department of Public Services

Division of Public Safety (Public Safety Officer Bryan Ariizumi)

1. The Crime Statistics Report for the week of December 14 – 20, 2008, is included with this Manager’s Report.

Office of the City Attorney (Charlie Martin, City Attorney)

1. Cases of the week:

Jennifer v. L.A. Unified School DAR 17960: a school (or city in loco parentis) has a duty to protect special participants from bullying.

Starbucks v. SupCt (Lords) MN 6624 can’t ask prospective employees about use of marijuana more than two years before.

Seattle Affiliate v. id (9) (#06-35597): a parade permit cannot give the city the right to change routes or move to sidewalk unless strict standards are set by ordinance.

Adrian v. Blissfield (07-1664): City may require railroads to build a sidewalk crossing over rail lines for pedestrian safety

City Council Calendar

*This City Manager’s Report is compiled each week by the City Manager as a Report to the City Council of the week’s activities.. It is intended to be a fair report of the prior week, but is not intended to bind the City Council or any of its members to any particular statement or report. Opinions (in italics) are those of the City Manager or staff, and are not intended to reflect any position on the part of the City Council or any of its members.

Exhibit #1
City officials’ pessimism concerning the nation’s direction is the worst its been in nearly 20 years, according to a survey from the Washington-based National League of Cities (NLC). More than six out of 10 respondents to NLC’s State of America’s Cities survey held a dim view of the nation’s future, a view directly connected to the ongoing recession.
The level of pessimism found in the survey is greater than at the same point in the last two recessions, according to NLC. A majority of respondents also reported that their cites were facing economic problems, and two out of five reported that worsening relationships with the federal government were posing a problem for cities. Half the respondents said the same about city-state relationships.
“The survey clearly shows that the intergovernmental partnership has broken down,” NLC President and Northglenn, Colo., Mayor Kathleen Novak said in a statement:
“The federal government and cities need to come together to work for the common goals of improving our nation’s infrastructure and assisting our citizens during these difficult economic times. This will not only help get our nation back to work, but will also make our cities stronger and more globally competitive for decades and generations to come.”
Exhibit #2
California may soon have more bankrupt towns on its hands.
The city of Vallejo, Calif., gained national attention earlier this year by filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. Now, two neighbors are fighting to avoid the same fate, as the state’s economic crisis spreads.
Isleton and Rio Vista, small towns roughly 50 miles northeast of San Francisco, say they have begun consulting with bankruptcy lawyers as they draw up plans to deal with their mounting budget crises. The towns’ leaders say they hope to avoid bankruptcy, but concede the move may eventually be their only option.
“We’re strapped for cash and by the end of March or early April we may not have enough money to pay for payroll,” says Hector De La Rosa, Rio Vista’s city manager.The Wall Street Journal reports.

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