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Descanso Gardens’ Brian Sullivan Awarded Esteemed Chanticleer Scholarship

Brian Sullivan, Manager of Horticulture and Display Gardening at Descanso Gardens, was recently awarded a Chanticleer Scholarship in Professional Development for 2009. As part of a very select group, Sullivan was one of four nationally who received the opportunity to further their education through academic studies and opportunities to meet leaders in the public garden arena.descanso-gardense28099-brian-sullivan-awarded-esteemed-chanticleer-scholarship
“Brian has the skills, the personality and desire to become a leader in the field,” says David Brown, Executive Director at Descanso. “He started at Descanso Gardens as a volunteer and is now second-in-command of horticulture, design and grounds. Chanticleer will help him validate educationally what his real world experience and accomplishments have already provided.”
Currently, Sullivan is pursuing a Landscape Architect Certificate in the four-year UCLA Extension program. “I am very grateful to receive this recognition,” he says. “Studying Landscape Architecture at UCLA has sharpened my focus and given me new eyes in the landscape. I see many opportunities to apply what I am learning about landscape design to Descanso Gardens.”
With an aim to build better public gardens, the Chanticleer Scholarship provides professional development designed to encourage creativity. The scholarship has two core components: an academic experience to improve leadership skills and travel opportunities to meet with leaders in the field. Each scholar will also spend time at Chanticleer, a 35-acre pleasure garden in Wayne, Pennsylvania, about 30 minutes west of Philadelphia.
Chanticleer Foundation Executive Director R. William Thomas is “convinced the programs will enhance the skills the scholars need to succeed in public horticulture. We hope the experiences will add to their expertise and allow them to give back to the profession as even stronger leaders. I’m pleased all four have curatorial responsibilities and this program will make them stronger in those roles.”
For more information on the Chanticleer Scholarship, visit the <> .

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