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Doo Dah Queen 2008 Selected

Who was to become the next queen of the Doo Dah Parade. Well, that either depended on how many beers you gave the judges ( or how many they consumed).. The 21 contestants were encouraged to bribe as many judges as possible not with cash but with pitchers of beer.

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It seemed to be working just fine, for a while,
In between Snotty Scotty and handful of Queen hopefuls including Erica Valentine and Count Smokula regaled the party-goers with their particular shenanigans. Eric(a) does play a mean Stratocaster we must say!
Someone got on stage with her dog and one judge yelled out “get off stage or show us your tits”
That lament was repeated ad nauseam throughout most women’s performances. Only one obliged.
But at the end of the “auditions”, held at American Legion Post 280 in Pasadena, the beauty contestant from Alaska (AKA Sarah Palin) didn’t come close enough to the coveted crown despite a  “very positive for Palin” exit poll before the votes were tallied. Instead, the eclectic group of judges decided to crown “Julie AK47” as queen of the 32nd Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade.

One old timer said he really felt Sarah Palin deserved a second chance now that Michelle Obama is in the White House ( or soon to be)…and though what better way to show your true colors and vote for Sarah for DooDah Queen
Julie Klima, 24, of Orange County, said she wanted to document the parade through her camera ( she’s a bit of a shutterbug)
“Naughty Mickie.” helped crown the newly anointed queen of the oddest parade in the world amid scores of paparrazi and legitimate newsmen and women.
Klima said: (of her Tournament of Roses –  more conventional Counterpart)
“I challenge her to a duel to see who can win the hearts of Pasadena residents,” Klima said. “I really mean that.”
The 32nd Doo Dah Parade steps off at 11:30 on Sunday Jan 18.
“Roobie Breastnut” aka ( Sarah Palin ) said she wasn’t disappointed by coming in second place.
Michelle Mills, outgoing Doo Dah queen gave a stellar performance at the end of the show as did the two bands, Snotty Scotty and the Hankies and Horse on Astroturf.
The entire program was emceed by Dr. Demento and referred by the beloved Sierra Madre Sue who had to use her whistle on MORE than one occasion to keep the crowd of about 300 in check.

Photos and Story by Terry Miller

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