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Explosion Critically Injures Linen Company Employee

One person was critically injured and two others suffered injuries in a natural gas explosion which occurred outside a diaper service at California Boulevard and Raymond Avenue on Monday afternoon at approximately 4:15pm.DSC_2083
Initially it appeared that natural gas tanks had exploded in a Diaper/Linen delivery vehicle , one was sent flying 200 feet in the air and landed on the pavement at Fair Oaks.
The fire dept. says the workers were possibly filling a storage tank with compressed natural gas when the explosion occurred.
The three men, all employees of the company, were transported to nearby Huntington Memorial Hospital. Two of the men suffered severe burns and injuries; one is in critical condition, the other is in serious condition. A third man suffered what firefighters describe as "blast syndrome" which includes symptoms such as disorientation, dizziness as well as severe ringing in the ears.
One to three tanks reportedly exploded. One tank shot hundreds of feet into the air and landed about 100 yards away on Fair Oaks outside a newly completed building. Miraculously no one was hurt on the street from the falling cylinder.

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