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For Her-The Ultimate Gift Guide

Hey you brawny boyfriends and stalwart husbands–put the remote down and step away from the big screen. Oh, and you’re going to want to change out of that jersey into something, say, less-mesh.  Ok, fine.  Wait until the game is over.  It’s a close one.

gift-guide-art-4 Yup, it’s that wonderful time of year where you’ll soon be tested on just how well you paid attention to the likes of the woman you love. Sure, you’re down to the wire and haven’t even started thinking of what to get her. Maybe you should just go for the gift card to (fill in blank) again or that necklace on sale you keep seeing during half-time commercials. What? No way, you’re no loser; you’re going for victory this year. Show her how much she means by getting her something that takes thought. Try what most other men shy away from by buying her something to wear. Fear not; though it can be intimidating, it certainly is possible with the right advice. If you’ve got a feel of what she usually likes to wear, which I hope you do by now, I can steer you in the right direction, being a trendy lady myself. Not to worry, this will be painless. So put on your game face and give your number-one cheerleader the gift that will exceed her expectations. Just hurry out and get ‘r done. Go team!
There are three categories that I will narrow it down to for your convenience. First, there’s the contemporary girl. She likes tailored fits and straight edged looks that are still sexy. She reads all the fashion magazines and would choose to wear a fashionable blouse rather than a slinky halter top for a night on the town. She shies away from too-tight clothes or frilly tops and bows, and sticks to clean modern looks. She dresses for other female’s approval than those of your sex. I would go to a boutique rather than a department store. You’ll have better luck finding the latest trendy looks there. Go for clean lines and simplistic silhouettes. I would recommend taking a shot at some modern must haves. If you don’t know her size then go for an accessory. Look for a clean clutch purse that’s black. She’ll get a lot of use out of it. Make sure it’s leather, or faux leather for a contemporary look. Also, look for chunky bracelets in black or any solid color. If you do know her size, kudos to you, take a stab at a modern top or dress. I would try going for a mod dress. This consists of a short hemline and straight cut. Think Jackie O. A nice crop jacket will also fulfill this look. Stay with modern colors such as black and grey. Charcoal grey is the must-have color of the season so you can’t go wrong there.

gift-guide-art-2 Second, you have the vintage woman. She strives to look like no other woman on the street, is constantly telling you what she found at the consignment store, doesn’t tend to shop at malls and chain stores, and has an eclectic look. You can’t go wrong with taking a stab at a unique piece of jewelry. Since you might not know her ring size, stick to bangles (bracelets) and necklaces. I would recommend going to a vintage store as you’ll be sure to find a one-of-a-kind item. Vintage jewelry varies by the time period. If she likes romantic things like floral patterns or feminine pastel colors with a softer palette go for romantic-looking jewelry that includes long necklaces with a floral pendant in gold. The key is to look for anything unique that she can wear without looking costume-like. Take a stab at it, points for trying and setting foot in the vintage store at all. Also, the sales people at the vintage store tend to be very knowledgeable about their goods and can help you out tremendously to pick something just right for your lovely lady.
Finally, we have the classic dame. She’s easygoing and doesn’t dress off of the latest fads and trends. She chooses styles that transcend the years and would prefer comfort to complexity. Go to a department store for this gal. You can’t go wrong with the right button-up blouse. A favorite of Jennifer Aniston’s, the classic black 3/4 length sleeve button-up is a must have. Make sure it’s a slim fit though, because you don’t want it to look too school-uniform. Save that for the plaid skirt. I’m kidding; don’t even. The classic shirt dress is another version of a modern look. It’s collared and similar to the button-up blouse, just in dress form. Also, the t-shirt dress is a good staple in any gal’s closet, and can prove sexy to a lot of men. It’s simple but she can do various looks with it! For accessories, a pretty pearl ring or gold chain necklace with a simple pearl pendant is a nice finishing touch. Don’t go for a strand of pearls unless you’re sure she’d wear them. It may be a little too Connecticut for her.
If you go and still find no luck then (ssh don’t tell!) that little blue box from Tiffany and Co. is the backup gift that never fails. Good luck team, and don’t let us down!

-By Maria McDowell

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