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Half of L.A. County Restaurants Inspected Not Complying with Health Order

Courtesy photo by Danielle Rice on Unsplash

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer said on Monday that of 2,000 restaurants visited over the weekend by health inspectors, 50% of them were still not in compliance with coronavirus protocols.

Dr. Ferrer said inspectors will be revisiting all restaurants not in compliance and issuing them orders to observe health directives. She continued, “We’ve been doing a lot of education, but, starting this week, we’re actually gonna revisit places where we noted that people still had concerns.”

While this is an improvement from the first weekend of inspections, during which less than 25% of restaurants were in compliance, Dr. Ferrer still encouraged the public and employees to lodge complaints or concerns through the county’s call line at (888) 700-9995 or online.

She noted that no restaurants should have patrons sitting in close proximity to one another. “There should be no places where tables are right next to each other, they either need a six-foot barrier or a physical barrier. Those are requirements in the protocols.”

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