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LASD says prevent residential burglaries with these easy steps

Temple Sheriff’s Station has experienced several residential burglaries targeting residences under renovation construction. The items stolen in the burglaries are typically lighting fixtures, appliances and the contractor’s tools. The renovation burglaries are typically occurring during the evening and early morning hours. We encourage residents planning renovations to develop security plans if they are not living in the residence during the construction.
LASD also encourages residents to consider the following practices:
Use Proper lighting
• Proper lighting eliminates shadows that provide burglars with cover
• Use adequate lighting at all points of entry
• Leave lights on inside just as you would if you were living in the house
• Include the use of lighting timers and set them to an irregular pattern
Secure Doors and windows
• Use solid construction materials that are drill-resistant
• Reinforce the backs of doors with crossbars
• Be sure the doorframes cannot easily be “jimmied”
• Consider installing a security alarm system as part of your renovation or a temporary system during the renovation
• The temporary system can easily be removed after construction
• Quality commercial security locks are great but are not effective if they are not properly used by the homeowner
• Unscheduled or surprise visits to your property or project will also act as a deterrent to an opportunistic thief
• Update the key in the event an employee leaves or quits a job
Traceable property
• Third party vendors can secure your items with trackers that will assist law enforcement with its quick recovery
• If your item does not have a serial number, you can engrave it with a unique number or word.
• Please be sure to record serial numbers. In the event the property is recovered, the owner can be located.
• Ensure your fences are sturdy and secured.
Patrol Checks
• Call Temple Station and request patrol checks.

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