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Mad as Hell

By Dorothy Denne

My friend is mad as hell and doesn’t want to take it anymore, but there isn’t much she can do about it. She has once again witnessed humanity’s unwillingness to be humane – she saw two tiny kittens dumped to their destiny.

It will not be a happy destiny. Their little lives will be spent in fear and confusion in a large unfriendly, unfamiliar world. These innocents will, each moment, face the likelihood of injury and the certainty of hunger. They will ultimately starve to death, if not killed first by speeding cars or eaten by coyotes.

My friend will, of course, continue to search and try to capture. The odds are slim. The frightened little angels ran deep and fast, unfortunately in opposite directions, separating from the last companion.

I write this column, at her request, in hopes of making a difference in this world. Again, the odds are slim. It is, as the saying goes, like preaching to the choir. Those who care will continue to care and those who don’t, will not. Perhaps we can touch those who are not so much uncaring, but unthinking or unrealistic.

I know I have many readers who are animal lovers. I can tell from your responses when I write about the cute actions of my cats or the dog who kissed me on the hand and the elbow and the cheek and the nose and the lips. He was a giant St. Bernard, with a tongue to match that was just made for kissing.

His right front foot was slightly deformed, thus his breeder had found him fit only for discarding. He was one of the fortunate few. He was rescued. This scraggly, matted, dirty little misfit, once given human love, turned into a 190-pound love machine himself.

My friend and I fear the two fluffy kittens, along with millions of others, will not fare so well.

We implore all of you, who are loving and compassionate, to rescue, spay, neuter, and nourish. Above all, educate everyone you meet. Become a crusader in your own way. Be an example. Teach humans how to be humane.

While you are doing that, call (305) 707-7046 or log onto, to see how you can help prevent unwanted “pets” from being born, through the development of a spay food. Sound intriguing? Check into it. Feel free to tell them Dorothy sent you.

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