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New Fitness Equipment for Live Oak Park

DSC_5626 Temple City residents have a new place to get fit and stay in shape following the addition of new outdoor fitness equipment to Live Oak Park.

The new equipment was funded through the Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District Supervisorial District’s excess grant funds.

The adult designed equipment includes Upper Body Warm-Up, Standing Push-Up, Forearms Roll, Leg Lift, Body Curl, Triple Beam Jump, Sit-Up, Chin-UP and Achilles Stretch and Squat stations. 

The fitness equipment includes full signage for proper use and is ADA accessible.

The new equipment will aid in the ongoing efforts of a program launched in March 2007 by the Temple City Parks and Recreation Department called “Shape Up TC.” “Shape Up TC” aims to provide health-related information on nutrition & physical activity; implement activities to educate our community on nutrition & physical fitness and to provide support and encouragement for positive lifestyle changes. 

The program started by hosting an information table at our summer concert series and special events.  Workout demonstrations and food samples were also provided.  The program specialists also hold workout sessions and teach the youth exercise related games at the City’s after school programs.

The program’s mission statement says “Shape Up TC is a community health promotion program funded by the Parks & Recreation Department of Temple City. The main goal of Shape Up TC is to bring about awareness to the importance of healthy eating and daily physical activity. Members of the community, young and old alike can participate in the ever-expanding list of activities sponsored by Shape Up TC.

Shape Up TC also embraces the distribution of health-related information to the community so that residents can take the initiative to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle. The need to implement a community health promotion program was becoming more evident as the rates of overweight, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes reached near, or at, epidemic levels in children and adults in all parts of the United States. We as a community can help to reverse the grim outlook on public health by taking on an active role towards wellness.”

The program’s first summer event will be the 5k Walking/Jogging Club, to be held from June 9 to August 13 in Temple City Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. There is a $10 fee which includes a “Shape Up TC” t-shirt for first time members.

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