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Prominent Landscaper Creates Affordable Water Wise Solutions With New Video Addressing California’s Drought

Conservation efforts aren’t working and the California drought has gone from Extreme to Exceptional with no end in sight. Through all of the finger-pointing-urban users blaming farmers, farmers blaming the government, and everybody blaming each other with drought-shaming apps-hardly anyone is taking action.

Kelley Hanna, an experienced landscape contractor who is also known as The Plant Goddess(, has kick started her own water conservation campaign, raising awareness for our irrational attachment to green grass in a dry region, and providing homeowners an actual path to using less water through a new website, Water Wise Now ( ).

Working with Oneness Media (, a production company focused on helping green businesses get their word out, Hanna has produced an entertaining video, “California Drought Creates Opportunity for Change” ( . It portrays a teenager who doesn’t understand why her parents don’t care about their outdoor water use and ends up in family therapy with her mother. The video highlights some of the psychological barriers we face letting go of our lawns and how much drinking water we waste on our landscapes. The goal is to promote water conservation and sustainable landscaping in Southern California, and to wake up teens and adults to the reality of their own water usage.

Once a homeowner recognizes they can do better, their opportunities to change are limited, often by lack of funds or know-how. So Hanna keeps the conservation campaign going by partnering with Jessyca Frederick to create Water Wise Now ( ), a website dedicated to helping homeowners actually reduce their own water use and become compliant with the state’s new water restrictions that went into effect on July 29, 2014.
Compiling their years of sustainable landscape design experience into an easy-to-read, free Run-off Prevention e-Book and series of worksheets, Hanna and Frederick are simplifying irrigation concepts for homeowners-helping them take the initial steps to assess their own water use, providing access to professional-grade products to help them do the work themselves, and offering up professional tips and advice to get the job done.

About Kelley Hanna: Kelley Hanna, founder and owner of Plant Goddess Landscaping, has over 15 years experience as an award winning and featured sustainable landscape designer and contractor, converting high water use gardens into water wise, California Friendly, beautiful landscapes. Hanna is a Certified Professional and Qualified Trainer for G3, The Green Gardens Group. G3 is a Los Angeles based company focusing on outreach and education, promoting sustainable landscape practices, and teaches classes sponsored by the Metropolitan Water District.

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