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Rep. Chu Statement on CBO Score of GOP Health Plan

Some doctors are open to changes in health care. So is Chu,”but not if that means kicking millions of people off their insurance.” – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News


If the Republican health care plan, introduced last week, were enacted today, it would reduce the number of Americans with insurance by 14 million by next year, and by 26 million by 2024. That is according to a report released today by the nonpartisan and independent Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27) released the following statement:

“Republicans have made clear that their priority with their health care bill is access, not actual coverage, and now the independent CBO has shown us exactly what that will mean. According to the CBO’s expert analysis, millions will lose their health insurance, in large part because of cuts to Medicaid and subsidies that allowed 20 million uninsured Americans to finally find the security of health insurance for the first time. For those kicked off their plans by this ‘Pay More for Less’ bill, access to healthcare is meaningless if they can’t afford it. The bill goes even further by defunding Planned Parenthood, removing a primary care option for women around the country. That is why it cannot be denied that this bill is a massive step backwards for our country. And the CBO report proves it. This bill is primarily a tax cut for the rich parading as health care reform.

“But what it really means is that fewer Americans will have healthcare, and that is unacceptable. I cannot support a bill that cuts coverage for poor families in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy. Republicans are attempting to force an unnecessary retreat to the days when sudden illness could ruin a family. I remain open to changes that improve the current Affordable Care Act, but not if that means kicking millions of people off their insurance. We know that through changes like increasing subsidies, we can increase coverage for more Americans, making our country healthier and more stable. But this bill does not do that and that is why I am strongly opposed to this plan.”

The text of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report can be found here.

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