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Summer for Free in L.A. (Part 5): Duarte Bike Path

- Photo by Terry Miller
– Photo by Terry Miller

By Ea Nicole Madrigal

As mentioned before, the kids are out of school and one of the first questions is: what are some enjoyable activities that my family can enjoy together? Perhaps even more pressing in the post Great Recession age is this: what activities can we enjoy together that won’t cost our family too much? Each week, Beacon Media News will take a quick glimpse at free entertaining activities in Los Angeles in hopes that this summer can be one to remember (and one that won’t break the bank).

It’s time to get outdoors and go for a ride! No, you don’t need to go to the gas station to pay expensive prices at the pump to fill up your car. You just need two wheels . . . or just the desire to get some fresh air. Tucked away in a residential portion of Duarte and located on the edge of Bradbury is a getaway with fresh air and no car needed. The Duarte Bike Path (or Duarte Multipurpose Trail) offers the tranquility of an outing as well as physical activity.

Locals around Monrovia, Duarte, and Bradbury simply refer to the Duarte Bike Path as “the trail” because it offers an opportunity for exercise or just a leisurely stroll. And if you are looking for a way to ease yourself into a regular hiking or walking routine, “the trail” is the best place to start. Primarily a level surface throughout, the Duarte Bike Path is an over 1.5 mile long combination of dirt path and blacktop surfaces. You might even see some horses nearby strolling the trail with you.

In fact, the scenery is what makes the Path so unique compared to all the different hikes or trails in the San Gabriel Valley. You are not going to be climbing up a steep hill, so do not expect breathtaking panorama views. However, do expect to pass by lovely homes, city parks, a school, wildflowers, lush trees and bushes, and even cross under a beautiful bridge as you say hello to fellow walkers (or bikers). As everyone travels at their own pace, the Path offers a sanctuary of sunlight as well as shade and it is wide enough to accommodate all sorts of visitors from bikers to skaters to even horseback riders (on some portions of the dirt trail).

And this is exactly what makes the Duarte Bike Path so wonderful and a must-visit place in the SGV: functionality. Not only is it free but truly anyone should be able to revel and enjoy a leisurely stroll or adventure away from the noise of cars along the close by Foothill or Huntington thoroughfares; at the same time, you will not feel like you are in the middle of nowhere (as you might experiences going along a strenuous mountain hike somewhere in the San Gabriel mountains).

Good for the young and the young at heart, the Duarte Bike Path offers a great morning or afternoon for all. So bring your bike or just yourself (and your dog, of course), and go enjoy the day in your neighborhood!


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