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Talent Search

I remember the Early Radio Days of the 1930’s and 40’s when family entertainment was gathering around the old time radio and listening to evening radio shows. In those days, the choices were few. Fibber McGee & Molly, Eddie Canter, Lux Radio Theater and the scary Inner Sanctum Mysteries were the popular shows of that era. One of my favorites was a talent show, the Sunday evening Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour, where contestants would perform and compete to be selected to continue performing on future programs. This radio show was extremely popular. Listeners’ taste, for radio programming in those days, was simple. People enjoyed listening to the contestants as they would sing, tap dance or play a musical instrument. The Amateur Hour debuted on NBC in 1935, and it immediately became an enormous success. There is no doubt that it was the forerunner to today’s television talent show phenomenon “American Idol”.
The Amateur Hour talent search was conducted coast-to-coast discovering many people who went on to have great performing arts careers. It also provided an opportunity for those not so gifted to enjoy the great satisfaction of expressing their own individual talent accomplishments, which ultimately brought meaning and joy to their lives.
Each of us carries many of the genes of our parents, grandparents and from our ancestral linage. Hidden within our genes and DNA are many unique gifts. Some artistic talents surface readily during childhood, while other latent talents may never be discovered or nourished. Grandma Moses did not recognize her great artistic talents until late in life. She took up painting when she was seventy-five, and painted sixteen hundred paintings by her death at age one hundred and one. An opera singer does not wake up one day and begin singing at the Metropolitan Opera House, as it takes desire, practice and determination.
We are at the beginning another new year in our lives. If you are like so many people that had good intentions to make a few New Year resolutions to improve life, but you just didn’t get around to it, well now is a great time to get started. Identifying your talents and cultivating them … is of great importance to you. Why not explore those things that you like to do but that you have never given time to develop. For example, volunteering time as a hospital aid, or sharing time with elderly retirement shut-in’s. You may choose to help with little league activities or mentoring English to foreign students. But talent exploration can be as simple as an art class, singing in a choir, searching the family genealogy or writing memoirs to hand down to family members.
The joy of exploring your talents, the satisfaction of practice and the pleasure of accomplishment are the wonderful rewards that you will receive.
Everyone has latent talents to explore. Don’t put off this New Year opportunity to express your talents. It will change your life and make it more meaningful, and it will bring great joy to you and to others.
I Wish You and your Family Members a Very Happy and Blessed New Year 2009.

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