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Temple City manager offers to work Gratis

With much political discussuion about retirement and replacement, Temple City Manager-City Attorney Charles Martin has offered to work in both capacities – as an unpaid volunteer.
Some felt uncomfortable at Saturday’s Council Candidate forum and voiced concern over the suggestion that Martin work as a volunteer.
“I was contemplating my retirement on February 5, 2009, but that if the Council could not find a replacement by that date, I would be happy to return the benefit of my 44 year tenure with the City by continuing in office – even if I had to serve as a volunteer, without pay for a part or all of that time,” Martin, 84, said in a Jan. 15 manager’s report.
Councilwoman Judy Wong has reservations on the legality of such an agreement Martin is offering.
Martin has not been paid since Jan. 1 .The IRS determined in 2008 that Martin was being improperly paid by the city as an independent contractor rather than as a full-time employee, which had allowed the city to avoid providing him with medical, dental or retirement – a common trend in business.
Martin has been collecting $96,696 a year as city manager and $61,980 a year as city attorney.
Martin has been working for city governments since taking over as San Marino’s city prosecutor

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