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Temple City Unified School District Could get about 2.8 million in Stimulus Package

Adam Schiff outlines potential dollar handouts to the local school districts Friday - Photos by Terry Miller

Rep. Adam Schiff told local school officials Friday about the $819 billion federal economic stimulus plan.
Schiff, D-Pasadena held a summit of sorts with superintendents and board members from nine area school districts and provided estimates of how much each might receive. The Stimulus passed the House on Wednesday.

Pasadena Unified School District could receive about $21 million from the stimulus package; Alhambra Unified would get about $17.5 million; San Gabriel Unified would receive $3.9 million from the package, Schiff told local officials.
In addition, the Temple City Unified School District would get about 2.8 million in stimulus funding; South Pasadena Unified would receive about 1.4 million; Arcadia Unified could receive $4 million.

Facing $1.8 million in reductions in 2009-10, the Temple City district may have to fire some teachers, however, infusion of federal money could help save jobs Other local districts are facing millions in state funding cuts – including mid-year cuts – for the next two years, ranging from $1.8 million in Temple City to between $8 million and $12 million for the PUSD.

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