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The Wonder of Christmas

As the days draw closer to Christmas, the joy of this holy event often gets lost in all the rushing from here to there. We get so busy! There is shopping to be done and gifts to be wrapped. There are Christmas cards to be written and school, church or club activities to attend. There are cookies to be baked…and meals to be planned. Whew! Great joy can be hard to find in the busy days leading up to Christmas!

Iremember, as a child growing up, experiencing the thrills and joy of celebrating an old fashioned Christmas. The Snow covered fields, Sleigh rides, Trimming the tree with silver bells, Stockings hung on the fireplace and beneath them a crackling fire. The fragrance of fir bows and the wonderful smell of a fresh cut evergreen Christmas tree. Christmas Carols playing in the background with children laughing and hoping for that very special gift that Santa Claus will bring. Setting out cookies and milk for dear Santa and hoping to hear the sleigh bells ringing upon the shoulders of his reindeer. Oh! What a wonderful time!

Parents whispering secrets to each other, that will be revealed upon the arrival of Christmas Day. I remember my Mom abruptly waking us early Christmas morning so that we could see Santa Claus dashing across our front yard. Dad would then try to re-enter our house and remove the red suit without being seen. I often wondered why my dad was always missing during those thrilling moments when we caught a glimpse of Santa Claus leaving our yard.

Today, in the midst of our frantic Christmas holiday preparations it is a time to remember the Angel’s proclamation of great joy and the real reason for Christmas … “that unto you is born this day in the city of David, which is Christ the Lord A Savior…a Redeemer…the Prince of Peace!” It is a reason to rejoice and be happy! Yes, the birth of Christ … has brought great joy to this spiritually hungry world.

Jesus was born in a manger for you and for me. He willingly left the glories and riches of heaven to be born in a stable. He became poor, so that we might become rich. He lived a life of abject poverty. He was put to death like a common criminal so that we could wear a royal robe!

Thank God for His Son, a gift too wonderful for words
A Birth So Humble .. A Love so Great !
Jesus has given us reason … to Celebrate!

It is my privilege to share a Christmas poem from my wife’s poem book that so appropriately explains the reason for this beautiful season.

The Greatest Gift

What is this time of rushing about, that man portrays this day;
They say they’re celebrating the Lord’s birth, with parties and gifts so gay.

Have you ever asked Lord Jesus, what He would have you do?
He says, my child come unto Me, and I shall dwell in you.

The gift I give is life eternal, what will you give to me?
The gifts I give cannot be bought, all mankind will agree.

My Love, Joy, Peace, Faith, Patience, Gentleness, Kindness and Humility; I give them all to thee.

Come celebrate My birth, and give your life to Me;
I’ll abide in you…My Glory all shall see.

May God Bless You and Your Family very specially
Through out this beautiful Christmas Season!

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