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Who Cares?

Well, I suppose most of us have said “Who Cares” at one time or another in our life? And the answer to that question is simple. You and I care … particularly during tough times or calamity. Most Americans are ready to help out as we see others experiencing great difficulty. It doesn’t always have to be a hurricane Katrina, a deadly tornado, or fire and mud slides to get us demonstrating just how much we do care.
The Holiday Season is a great example when people show their thoughtfulness. The Christmas time Toys for Tots program is a wonderful community service to under privileged children. The Union Rescue Mission feeds hundreds of homeless and destitute persons every year during the holidays. The Red Cross and, of course, the Salvation Army are constantly at work preparing for the needy. These are just a few examples of the many community outreach programs demonstrating that “We Care.”
Most everyone knows of the great work being performed by the renowned Los Angeles County Children’s Hospital. Particularly in the field of Cancer care and Research. A child’s cancer illness can have a devastating emotional and economic impact on a family.
Not long ago I was touched by hearing several stories of people taking time from their busy lives, to share their Time, Talent and Treasure to help a family in desperate need.
One such case involved a young lad of 8 years old who survived his first bout with leukemia at the age of six and was recently diagnosed once again with another leukemia illness. The financial and emotional strain upon the family was considerable. The family of four was asked what they would like to have to help make their family Christmas brighter. The tearful answer was soap for washing their clothes, a weekly ride to the Children’s Hospital for treatment and a warm winter coat for each of their two children. A donation during the Christmas Season is a very unselfish gift, but the desperate needs of some families going through the struggle of surviving cancer can be a yearlong need.
The simple acts of kindness, providing transportation to the doctor, baby-sitting while parents are making a hospital visit or just making a shopping trip to the store for a troubled mother, can be an enormously caring gift to a family in need.
The joy that a family receives from your act of kindness cannot compare to the incredible joy it will bring to you. The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Holidays from the Heart Program is set up to give out referrals to contact families that are in need. Getting involved throughout the New Year by giving a simple act of kindness to a family in need is a great way for you and for me … to demonstrate that “We Care.”

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