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Free Speech

So I guess I’ll lead off by thanking all the little people. But enough already about VP Cheney, the Governator, and lastly but not leastly, our late but not so great TC City Council (Great luck for the recently enshrined bunch and please do not continue to screw things up around here.)
And I could also include the Clippers, the bruins, Kwame Brown, and even Judge 2Fs. Just to throw you off, big props also go out to Haven House, the Junior League of Pasadena, and even OM Dalila and the rest of the TCDC unrivaled team. Did I leave out Coach Pete Carroll, Doc “wrath of” Kahn, and our City Manager/Attorney aka TMx3?
So maybe you’re confused? And now you know how I feel when I scan the TMx3 Report every week in the Tribune. And how can I land someone who perpetrates buckshot violence on his own lawyer on the same page with a shelter for victims of domestic violence? How can the Clips and bruins share space with the Mighty Trojans and Coach Pete? Only in America.
All of the aforementioned can say just about anything they want any time (especially OM Dalila.) And without these assorted exceptional folks with a few goofballs thrown in, I’d have to write about dentistry every week. For better or worse, I’d have run out of material way back when the bruins actually took sports seriously. Thank goodness for free speech.
So here’s the thing, this column will include about as many informative dental tips as the one I received as a student from Doc “wrath of” Kahn. So King Kahn’s one bit of advice was “consider a career change.” My coaching is, “Please show up at the Community Room at City Hall on Tuesday, April 14 at 7PM and watch me exercise my freedom of speech while you experience your freedom from the cost of admission.”
Thanks to the efforts of local Chiropractic big shot Brian Venerable and TC Chamber big shot Linda Payne, Temple City health professionals will take turns speaking and listening and answering questions once a month through the end of the year. The line-up is very diverse and packed with personable, knowledgeable folks who are really anxious to share information and learn a thing or two from the people we are honored to serve.
On April 14, my topic will be “Why Seeing the Dentist Might be the Best Deal in Town.” Of course, it helps my best deal case when half the places of business on Las Tunas are empty.
Dentistry is a preventive discipline and research continues to strengthen the connection between the quality of oral and general health and quality of life. I assure you you’ll be surprised and encouraged by the information to be shared (even on the financial side.) My goal is always to help folks be happy with the health choices they make; we’ll spend some time doing everything we can to help you be your own best health care advocates.
And we’ll play some USC Trojan football trivia. And I’m confident we’ll even have gifts and prizes for everyone.
So be there or be powder puff blue. I’m looking forward to meeting you.
See you on April 14.

By Dr. Jack Von Bulow

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