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Villa Gardens Celebrates Resident Volunteers


Every year, the staff at Villa Gardens Retirement Community takes the opportunity to celebrate and recognize residents for their volunteer service within Villa Gardens and outside in the community at large.
“Our sincere hope is that our residents feel appreciated every day. But, our recognition luncheon is more meaningful in that it allows us (staff) to publicly recognize each volunteer and to personally thank them for their valuable service and contributions to the community,” said Katherine Custodio, Program Director for Villa Gardens.
What makes this day special and heartwarming is the recognition that while all people of all ages come from different walks of life, they are united by the same goal, which is to help others and make a difference in people’s lives.
“I am truly humbled every day by our residents’ generosity of time and willingness to give so much of themselves to others, especially here at Villa Gardens,” Custodio went on to say.
At the luncheon, gifts are given to the residents as small tokens of appreciation. This year everyone received soup bowls. Staff members explained to the residents that the reason behind the soup bowls is that they (residents) are much like “chicken soup for the soul” to the people they serve. “Hopefully the next time they sit down to enjoy a bowl of soup, we hope it would serve as a reminder of all the wondrous ways they’ve touched the lives of so many.”
Piano/entertainer Loren Richards was here to help celebrate the occasion and provided lovely music from residents’ era which added to the light-hearted and heartwarming feel to the room.
“We’re happy and truly honored to be able to celebrate our residents for all they’ve done and continue to do for Villa Gardens, the residents and staff alike and the community at large.”
This year the residents’ volunteer hours totaled 20,322, up from 18,588 last year.
Villa Gardens is located at 842 E Villa St., in Pasadena

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