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My Philosophy a Bit Extenuated

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-Courtesy Photo


By Dorothy Denne

Admittedly the older we get the more the odds are stacked against us but, life is as fleeting as a breath and death makes no distinction between the young and the old. Thus, I can’t stress enough the importance of savoring each moment. That’s my philosophy but I forget it all too frequently.

I can get really ticked off over little and big things that aren’t going to mean a diddly squat to the future of the world or even to my own future except when I let them tick me off. That ruins my day and it may be the last day I have.

This morning a “friend” looked at my little old car and said, “Why don’t you buy a car that is a car? At your age you should be driving a big one…” Now I had two things there that could tick me off. He attacked my little car of which I am so proud and he insinuated I am too old to be driving it.

My mind flashed back to a point just over 49 years ago when I had bought a new Camaro. Someone made a similar comment the day I drove it home and I let it cast a shadow over my pleasure and upset me for weeks.

This time I was older and wiser. I smiled, gave him the finger, said “Get a life and have a good day” and drove off. How’s that for a gal too old to drive a little car? Maybe not real nice but it made me feel good and I had smiled and wished him a good day. I think that was pretty generous of me under the circumstances.

Emily Dickinson wrote, “To be alive is power existence in itself without a further function omnipotence enough.” She must have been in a good mood. I am too. I didn’t let my “friend” tick me off for long. I’m alive, I have nine more fingers, plenty of smiles and I wish us all a good day. That’s my philosophy a bit extenuated.

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