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What’s Obscene?

February 6th, 2013 by Temple City Tribune

In a few words…Overpaid, Egotistic and Violent ‘athletes’ (Oh, and giving or receiving a ‘High Five’)

By Terry Miller

I’ll make no bones about it, I’m not a sports fan. In fact, I’m kind of odd as well as being sick and tired of the crap that calls itself sports. Ask anyone who knows me. Sports leave me cold, especially so called “professional” sports… principally the NFL and NBA where bullies get ludicrous lumps of cash and seem to accumulate extra deference the fouler their mouths.
After another obscenity incident involving CBS and a Super Bowl broadcast Sunday, the Federal Communications Commission is under a considerable strain to fine one of the oldest television stations in the U.S. GOOD! Bloody good show. But that’s the tip of the iceberg.
We need to start over…rewind to circa 1930’s. Sports, at that time, was an honest profession and gentlemen played and lost with dignity and respect. No so now.
CBS aired audio of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco and another swearing right after the Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl. Talk about sore winners? Then there was the incident that involved a Raven attacking a referee with no visible sign of punishment or repercussion. This is less than one minute of Sunday’s debacle.
What has got into this society where we worship these steroid-ridden maniacs who get paid more in one week than the average man makes in ten lifetimes.
Even those ‘in the know’ said this was one of the worst games in Super Bowl history. Bad to me from every angle, but chiefly when you see such arrogance condoned, and in fact seemingly endorsed by the majority.
And we wonder why our society is violent. Take a look at what we idolize.
A few short months ago, you may recall, the Los Angeles Sport Commission banned swearing in stadiums. I’m not sure how that’s working out for the commission, but my guess would be that doesn’t apply to the absurdly overpaid, under-worked lackluster brawn of the NFL.
I say, to hell with fining CBS… Let’s fine overpaid brawny brats for ‘High Fiving’ teammates whenever they do something their little minds think is great…like swearing or being a bad sportsman.
Where the heck are the role models for kids…sure as heck won’t be Flacco! Or then again, maybe it will. Go ahead fine CBS they can afford it…they cashed in to the tune of $8M per minute for a superbowl ad. Now That’s Obscene! How many kids could we educate and feed for that?
But I digress, this high- five thing is out of control. I just say no. Where the neck did this originate?
High Five’s and swearing… ban them both. Let’s get that kid in South Pasadena on the case.
“Just Don’t Do It”…, Take that NIKE
We would love to hear your views on “professional sports” … let us know

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