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Keep Your Body Toned All Year Round With Almost Zero Effort

The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that staying in shape has so many benefits that go beyond fitting back into your clothes. – Courtesy photo

Part 2: The truth is that getting in shape isn’t hard once you’ve found the right strategy

By Yajen Tan

I’ve learned a lot in the ten years I’ve spent between pursuing my own fitness journey and coaching my clients.

I’ve realized that:

-Appearance-based motivation doesn’t last.

-Habits and discipline beat motivation.

-It’s really not that hard to stay in shape – if done right.

The most surprising thing that I’ve learned is it’s not hard to get toned and stay fit year round.

It’s really just about adopting the habits and behaviors that will ensure that you are able to stay in top shape all the time.

Yes, that means you’re going to have to make better eating choices, and yes, that does mean you’ll have to exercise a bit.

But on the flip side, the benefits will literally change your life.

I’ve experienced so many positive benefits from taking care of my body, just a few being:

-Better focus and productivity throughout the day.

-Abundant energy that I never knew existed.

-A body that I’m proud of – both in performance and looks.

-The ability to enjoy my pizza without having to worry about my health.

If you’re thinking about taking a leap and starting to make better lifestyle decisions for your body and your health, don’t wait. I promise that you won’t regret it.

Appearance-based motivation doesn’t last

I’ve tried – and so have a few of my clients – multiple times to workout and diet for just appearance alone, and 9 times of out 10, the attempts either fail or fail to last for very long.

It’s tough to find the drive to continue when you don’t have a strong “why.” We all want to feel beautiful, but weight loss is not the right way to accomplish that.

A couple more impactful “whys” that I’ve heard are:

-I want to feel more focused and productive to succeed at my job.

-I want to be an amazing example for my children to follow.

-I want to reduce my odds of chronic diseases.

If you’re trying to get in better shape this year, take a moment to first find out your “why.” Why are you trying to get toned and stay fit?

Are trying to lead a better example for your children?

Are you trying to perform better in your career or business?

Do you want to live a long and prosperous life that isn’t plagued by preventable diseases?

As soon as you find the true reason why you want to get in shape, you’ll have a solid chance at actually reaching the goals that you set out.

This is an excerpt from the “Keep Your Body Toned All Year Round With Almost Zero Effort.” Find the full article on our website.

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