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Keep Your Body Toned All Year Round With Almost Zero Effort

The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that staying in shape has so many benefits that go beyond fitting back in your clothes. – Courtesy photo

Part 1: The truth is that getting in shape isn’t hard, once you’ve found the right strategy

By Yajen Tan

I always idolized the movie stars and models. It wasn’t the lifestyle or the fame that caught my eye, but the way that they were able to look amazing all year round.

So I set out to get toned.

I tried many tactics. I went down a bodybuilding path where I scarfed down protein shakes and creatine like I was on route to becoming the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I had burned through roughly 10 pounds of fat in just 4 weeks’ time.

To say that I was happy with my results would have been an understatement.

However, I’m a lazy person. I was never able to adjust to the annoying calorie counting and use of the treadmill as my way to maintain a caloric deficit.

This is where I realized that I didn’t really care that much about looking like Zac Efron, out of “Baywatch,” and that I just wanted a healthy, functioning body.

I started to transition my fitness and nutrition towards a wellness-based approach.

I started:

  • Cutting out added sugars.
  • Adding more fiber into my diet.
  • Eating more assorted fruits and vegetables.
  • Focusing meals around leaner proteins.

Plus so much more that I’m going to share in detail below.

The truth behind what it means to “get toned”

“I just want to get a little more toned” – said just about everyone who ever stepped foot in a gym.

I know that phrase is something that annoys a lot of personal trainers, because toned isn’t an actual well-defined term in exercise science.

What it truly means to “get toned” is to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle tissue. Here comes a little breakdown of body composition.

When it comes to fitness and physique, your body has two main types of tissue that you’ll want to focus on: fat tissue and muscle tissue.

Muscle tissue is what gives your body shape and definition. If you examine the bodies (my scientific way of saying “check them out”) of competition ready body builders, their body fat is incredibly low and you get the chance to really see every little muscle in clear definition.

When we take a look at the bodies of models, who typically have more body fat than bodybuilders, we can see the difference. The increase fat volume creates additional rounding out above the muscle. This is typically the look that people refer to when they want to get toned.

Once we reach higher ends of body fat, the roundness turns into more of a puffiness. Here is where body fat usually exceeds the desires of the individuals.

You must do things in order to get toned:

  • Muscle mass for definition and volume.
  • Body fat for curves and surface area.

This is an excerpt from the “Keep Your Body Toned All Year Round With Almost Zero Effort.” Find the full article on their website.

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